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3-Day Circuit Strength Training Workout

I’m a member over at DailyBurn.com and I’ve created a new circuit workout program over there that you can join or just simply take a look at.

Circuit training is a great way to burn fat, lean down and tone your body.  Rather than focusing on a particular muscle group, the circuit workout focuses on a whole body workout.  Although the main focus is strength training, it also incorporates a cardio response with short rest times between each set (30 seconds).

This is a 3-day circuit workout that incorporates ab exercises for the first two days and then pulls in some dumbbell lunges and step-ups for day 3.  You’ll want to be sure to give your body time to rest between workouts, so don’t go crazy with all-out cardio on your days between workouts.  It’s okay to do some light cardio or exercise, but you want to be sure to give your body time to recover.

Enjoy the workout and let’s make it happen!

3-Day Circuit Strength Training Workout